tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2018

Uutisia - A Bit of News

Tänään minulla on kortin sijaan jaettavana uutisia! Aikaisemmin keväällä sain meilin, joka sai minut melkeinpä tipahtamaan tuolilta... Minua nimittäin pyydettiin mukaan Penny Blackin CAS-blogiin Simplicity at Its Best! Ja minä sanoin kyllä, kiitos! :) Tämä tarkoittaa siis sitä, että jatkossa teen pari korttia kuussa Simplicity Sisterinä, toisesta näette pienen kurkkauksen täällä ja kokonaan tuolla Simplicity at Its Best -blogissa ja toisen näette kokonaan täällä minun blogissani. Tänään on kurkkauksen aika, joten kannattaa suunnata Simplicity at Its Bestiin katsomaan koko kortit :)

Today I don't have a card to share with you, but I have some amazing news! Earlier in the spring I received an email and after reading it, I could have been knocked over with a feather... I was asked if I'd like to join Penny Black's CAS style blog 'Simplicity at Its Best' as a Simplicity Sister! If? If!? I love Penny Black, so there are no if's - of course I said 'yes, please'! (Well, I did ramble a bit more than that but that was my answer in a nutshell... :D ) So, from now on as a Simplicity Sister I'll share two cards a month made with gorgeous Penny Black goodies, one with only a sneak peek and one as a full card. Today I have the sneak peaks (yes, two..) so please head over to Simplicity at Its Best to see the full cards :)

And before I go, I would like to thank Penny Black and Jill Foster from the bottom of my heart for this amazing opportunity. I am overjoyed! and grateful! and happy! (and a bit nervous..!) and excited!  and... well, you know, really just happy to be a Simplicity Sister :)

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Onneksi olkoon!

I Card Everyone kirjoitti...

Hello, Milla! Imagine my surprise to see your loveliness while perusing the Penny Black blog??
I am so very happy for you - a fabulous addition to a wonderful team! Now I know that I can find you in blogland in addition to Instagram! btw your card is exquisite!
=] Michele @mfergu01

Aileen kirjoitti...

I am so very slowly catching up on my blog comments, so I came across tis one, I have already congratulated you on your starting at Simplicity Sisters but decided to say it here too. Its such wonderful news and I know you are going to make the most amazing cards for us all to drooool over my sweet friend. Hugs aileen